HI! I’m Eleonora, an Italian girl who left Italy last year and moved to Sweden, an ordinary girl who can get obsessed with a film, relax with a vanilla tea, whose role model is Holly Golightly and who dreams to move to San Francisco in a small apartment working in the fashion industry one day (I’ll let you know if it happens). From birth, I’ve traveled a lot because of my dad’s job, which has helped me so much to discover the world and know new cultures. With carrying all these experiences on my shoulders, I’ve got passionate about traveling and photography. When I first visited Stockholm I literally fell in love with it and from then on I started going there every time I could, taking every kind of picture during all my trips all over the world. I loved my photos but they were only for me, nobody else could see them. That was the reason why I felt the need to share them with others and show what I could do with a camera. Instagram (ele_withlove) has been the first platform where I’ve started posting my shots and right after I opened the page I was so realized that I decided to open my own blog. When I first started my blog I wasn’t good at writing and building blog posts but during the years I’ve improved my capabilities. What you see now is the result of a long journey powered by my passions: travel, fashion, and cinema. I’ve loved fashion since I was born and this passion brought me to this, my blog.

Here you’ll find all you need to know about fashion, my looks and my opinions about it.


For collaborations please contact me at this address: eleonoramezzo02@gmail.com

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