Next stop: United States

Are you ready for holidays ?  Me ? Yes. This year my family and I decided to go to USA another time to visit better the east coast. Our program is to go to Washington, Philadelphia, New York and  Boston in America and after that we’re going to visit Montreal in Canada. Among  all of these cities I visited only NY. I remember a particular moment: I was really tired when I arrived in New York and I fell asleep on the way to my hotel in the city centre. When I woke up I looked out the window of the taxi and I was just breathless. I saw all the tall skyscrapers. I was very excited. This is just one reason why I loved (and I actually love) New York City. In fact I liked also enormous pancakes at breakfast and the different shops of the fifth avenue.  After long walks in Wall Street and in the Central Park, I flew to Las Vegas. Then I went to San Francisco and LA. I just loved San Francisco… in my opinion it’s one of the best american cities ever. I love the bay, the air,.. absolutely everything about it. But I liked also Las Vegas so much! It is really different by San Francisco, I know, but I liked the weather and the strange skyscrapers. I stayed in two different hotels: the first one was the Paris Hotel (with the swimming pool next to the fake tour Eiffel), and the second one was the New York Hotel (with the famous roller coasters). If I went to the roller coasters? Yes. I was a little bit scared but truly happy. What about LA? So, I visited a little part of this huge city. I saw Venice Beach, Malibu and Santa Monica (in addition to the city centre of LA).  Well, I saw a lot of famous cities and places, but honestly I really loved some natural parks where we went. For example, after going to Las Vegas, we went to the Gran Canyon Park and the Monument Valley. I absolutely preferred the first one but also the second one was stunning.


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My program:

  1. Shopping at Victoria’s Secret’ (and become a VS Angel, why not?)
  2. Eat pancakes and hamburgers (but in this case I can’t do the first point)
  3. TAKE PICS (also when I’m doing point number 2)
  4. Do again point number 2
  5. Go on the top of the Empire State Building (again)
  6. Do shopping (see first point)
  7. Enjoy my holiday!!!