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4d4ecea4b648e840a523f1e733d2db580d869dbfce6fc403586855c6Serena or Blair?

This is the real important question to ask.

Btw… today I wanna talk about the places and building where Gossip Girl was set, the places you can’t don’t visit if you go to New York City.

I’ve been in certain places among these ones below and I was too excited and happy to see them.

♦ Palace Hotel ♦

455 Madison Ave, New York


This is absolutely the most important place. This hotel is situated in the city centre and is one of the most luxuries and beautiful hotel in whole Manhattan. It is where Serena lived and where, in the first episode, Dan spoke with her for the first time. You can image my face when I saw the same location… I was speechless.


IMG_1421 IMG_1424

The Metropolitan Museum ♦

1000 5th Ave, New York


This building isn’t important for the interior, but principally for its stairs at the entrance.

Here Blair Waldorf had always lunch with her friends.

IMG_1369 The-Metropolitan-Museum-of-Art-via-the-New-York-Post

♦ Empire State Building ♦

350 5th Ave, New York


This is the Chuck Bass’ kingdom. I haven’t to say anything about it, it’s famous and it’s where Chuck lives.

I waited him for one hour and he didn’t arrive ;(

IMG_1101 Empire_State_Building_from_the_Top_of_the_Rock IMG_1107 IMG_1113

♦ Dan’s Loft ♦

455 Water St, Brooklyn, NY


Situated in Brooklyn, it’s a very ordinary hause. You haven’t to go there if you don’t know Gossip Girl, because it isn’t so important. But if you are obessed with this television series you can go there. You know what it is…

It’s where Dan Humprey lives.


♦ Central Station ♦

89 E 42nd St, New York


Here is where Gossip Girl started. It is a very iconic place for GG fans.

IMG_1436 20060625194015_grand-central-station-new-york

♦ Nate Archibald’s House ♦

 4 E 74th Street, New York


I think Nate is the most followed charapter of GG and for this reason I decided to include his house on the list.

I haven’t been there but it’s the building below.


♦ The Museum of the City ♦

1220 5th Ave, New York


This building in the show isn’t a museum but it’s a school which all students of GG frequent.


These are all my favorite and most important places where Gossip Girl was set. And U, where have you been?

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