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The best food & restaurants

Food is a very important part of United States and Canada. Fast food is ESSENTIAL. So these are the most incredible (and best) restaurants and fast food where I have ever been. From United States to Canada. Everything about eating in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and Montreal.

Washington D.C.




What’s better than a vanilla frappuccino to start the day? I started my journey in Wahington in this way and I think it’s so good for hot weather… Starbucks is always the best.

IMG_0460 IMG_0468IMG_0484



The Cheese-Steak sandwhich

This is the original and traditional sandwhich of Philly, just with steak inside. Too tasty!


New York City


The Redeye Grill

Officially the best steakhouse ever. Everything is great; from the fish to the steak, from dessert to french fries. Really near Times Square,  in the centre of NYC. I went two years ago for the first time and this summer I decided to come back there for another time. Absolutely the most racommended.

IMG_0885IMG_0886IMG_0887 IMG_0888IMG_0889IMG_0890 IMG_0891

Bill’s Lemonade

If you go to Liberty Island you must try the best lemonade in the whole world. Really sweet and fresh, nothing better than drinking it watching a stunning skyline.



Have you ever seen “When Harry met Sally”? Well, this is the restaurant where was set the most important scene of the film. In fact, here is where Harry met Sally for the first time! It isn’t popular only for this reason: a lot of famous people were (and actually go) there. Inside the restaurant you can’t see the color of the walls, because they are full of pics and photos of vips. Leonard DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, Adam Richman … and Cole Sprouse!! By the way, the food is really good.

IMG_1065IMG_1058 IMG_1060 IMG_1064

Park Cafe

The best place where you can have breakfast in the whole New York. It’s a obligatory stop for all tourists.

IMG_1073 IMG_1078

Ruby Tuesday

Really similar to TGI Friday’s, is one of the best places to eat hamburgers and steak. I’ve been in the restaurant in Times Square and I racommend to go there ’cause the ambience is really good.

IMG_1447IMG_1450 IMG_1451


Italy is the homeland of this restaurant-market, I know, but the Eataly store in NYC is just huge. The corner of that place that I prefer is the Nutella area. You must try the french pancake w Nutella and strawberries. So good!

IMG_1238IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1251


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Hard Rock Cafè

One of the biggest Hard rocks ever!! There is the restaurant, the bar and the store. So huge. The food is amazing and people too.

IMG_1542 IMG_1543

The Legal Seafood

It was really near to our Hotel so we casually decided to go there. Btw the place is lovely and confortable.

The Barking Crab

Number one in the seafood restaurants. The ambience and people were amazing. You can have dinner watching a great view of the skyline of Boston.



The Keg

Really good steakhouse in Montreal. It is situated in one of the central streets of the city.

IMG_4885 IMG_4886

Cafè Imagination

We found this little place during a morning walk and we decided to have breakfast there. It’s so cool and also this one is in centre of Montreal. I ordered the best french pancakes ever, seriously.

IMG_4888 IMG_1832

My trip finishes here but I can’t wait for another culinary tour… Hamburgers I’m arriving.