Fashion week & wavy hair

What now?

The school has started and I already feel depressed ahah. Homework, late buses and early mornings are the biggest problems in this period and I haven’t got a lot of time to post something on the blog. However, you obviously have heard something about fashion weeks all over the world. Dresses and fashion shows everywhere! In my opinion every single brand is flawless and I can say that I love the majority of the pieces which were shown in various fashion shows. I follow a lot of brand pages on the socials (specially on Instagram) and Moschino’s show was really iconic where all the most important and famous models partecipated. It was about paper dolls and both the Hadid sisters walked down the runway. Anyway, I’m thinking of changing something on my blog, at least the theme. So stay tuned!

In these weeks I’ve had the opportunity to take a look to all the fashion shows all over the world, in all my favorite cities. New York, Milan, London and actually Paris. I’m in love with these places.

I love this outfit so much! Really easy but just cute and confortable, perfect for hot temperture. As you saw in another outfit post (view the post), I love wearing these Ralph Lauren shoes with a pair of shorts – specially denim shorts. They add some color to the look and they make it more original. About the crop top, I bought it in Times Square in the Urban Outfitters store (one of my favorite shops ever) but you can buy it also on-line (get here). I love the color but mostly the model: it is crossed in front and there is a little ribbon behind.