My Autumn essentials



Autumn has already started and it colors all trees in every shade of yellow, red and orange. Days become shorter and the weather colder, specially in Stockholm. This is the season when I prefer spending all the day long at home reather than walking all over the city. But this doesn’t happen in Stockholm, because when you are here all you want is to go out and walking among a dried leaves carpet waiting for take refuge in an hot cafè. You’ll be fully happy only when you’ll finally hold an hot chocolate in your freezing hands (possibly also eating the traditional cinnamon cake). And only then you’ll think: “Life is beautiful”.





  Hat & Coat




1. Hat

Hat is really important. It adds a little of personality and originality to your outfit. Black, grey, brown, pink … it is cool in every single way. I bought this one in Stockholm during a long walk in the city centre in a famous swedish chain of stores called Ahlens. I literally love it. Its shops are huge and you can find absolutely everything inside. My favorite department is the one where I bought my hat. If I remember right it’s usually on the ground floor which is full of accessories, shoes and every make-up brand too. Every year there are new kinds of hats and caps; every piece is amazing but I have to say wide-brimmed hat is my favorite ever. It’s like a must-have for all seasons. The one I bought is really simple and regular but a little original: its all black and it has a little ribbon on the back. Its quite warm but honestly I wear it just because it is beautiful.


2. Coat
What a beautiful piece. It is the perfect way to stay warm but at the same time look cool and trendy. I’m obessed with coats of all genres and types and I think I could spend a whole day buying them. It the photo I was wearing a Fay coat (I racommend you this brand so much) which is really comfy and confortable: just flawless. The color is one of the best I have ever seen because it’s a sort of grey mixed with black. If I wear it with black pants it seems black but with grey one the color approach to grey. It is formidable and the details I prefer are the buttons. They aren’t real buttons, but the way the look is just original. At the end of the sleeves there’s a beautiful velvet tidying up. I’ve got also the black one of this kind of Fay coat which is of an high quality too. This kind of pieces is quite expensive but it is well worth paying that price.


3. Sneakers

The most confortable shoes of all the time. You know. In this period I’m loving slip-on sneakers more than ever. My favorite way to wear them is with some elegant pieces: they add a sportive touch to the outfit and they defuse it. You don’t have to care about ‘how elegant is your coat’ if then you slip a pair or sneakers before to go out. Michael Kors’ shoes in particular, are cool & classy, perfect for Autumn. It doesn’t seem but they’re really warm and they are becoming my favorite pair of sneakers. So hurry & buy them!




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