I’m back


I’m back guys and I’m trying to reinvent this blog in every way. These months were so busy and I’m happy to show you some pictures taken here in Turin. This is a new location called “Villa della regina” which I discovered thanks to one of my greatest friends who (I hope) is reading this post right now. I’m teaching her how to take nice photos and this is the final result and I have to say I’m a perfect photography teacher. The place where the shooting had taken is a huge palace whose interiors are stunning. All the colors of the walls are really particular and unique, with a a range of differents shades which make your photos flawless. When you come in you feel just like a princess, there’s no doubt! By the way if you follow me on Instagram you probably have already seen some of these pics, but now you can buy what I was wearing while I was posing in front of the camera. I would like to show you a perfect way to look perfect even if temperature is too cold and you would wear your duvet because you’re freezing. Apart from that I really hope this post could inspire you in some way, so let me know in the comments!

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The style

I could wear this outfit definitely every single day. As you know, even if turtleneck sweaters aren’t always the most elegant piece into your closet, they’re recognised as a great item of clothing for cold seasons. Sweatshirts are basically a trend which I adore. But let’s talk about boots. Heels aren’t always confortable, especially when you have to walk all day long. However if you find a pair of heeled boots you can also run with, you can consider yourself lucky. 

About this topic I have to show you the brand I count on when i need to buy any type of shoe (this means always). Other Stories sells the most incredible and elegant boots ever, whose price/quality ratio is nice and which sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find on sale. I’ve been waiting for these shoes for so much time and now i can say I’m really glad. Unfortunately I don’t think you can still find them online but probably you’ll be able to buy them in a store.

A lucky girl

You know, when you think something will never happen, just because it’s impossible to realise? Well, I thought this before Saturday, but not now anymore. I was walking in Milan and, once I was at Gucci’s, I decided to go upstairs. This is normal, I know, but then I heard a girl’s voice which was really similar to Chiara Ferragni’s one. I was speechless. She was there! You can’t even image my happiness when I understood that was the famous blogger and influencer I never thought to meet. Everything I can say is that I wanted to take a photo with her and that’s it! What a magical day.

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