5 things you have to do in Paris


… and go there



I’m sure everyone loves Paris. Wet streets, white houses, green parks and spectacular views give this city grace and elegance making it so wonderful. Every corner of it is photogenic and I could spend an entire life taking photos there. We all know Paris is the capital of fashion and style because of its fashion firms with a fame which covers the whole planet. Precisely because it is a place where everyone has already been or would like to go, I picked some things to do while you stay in Paris. They aren’t classic things everybody already knows but they’re different and really girly.
 If you travel alone, with friends or with your boyfriend, don’t worry because the following list is pretty cute and you don’t need to care about who you are spending your time with. All places I decided to write about are unique and, even if similar ones may be in your country, it’s worth. I discovered new stores and shops while I was walking all over the city and I’m so glad to share them here. If you don’t like Paris, believe me, continue to read. At the end of this blogpost you might have already booked a flight to go there. Contrariwise, if you love it, just enjoy! 

Afternoon tea at Ladurée's

This is just a MUST-DO BEFORE DYING. You can’t say you lived if you haven’t gone to a parisian Ladurèe yet. We all know this place and the famous macarons in the pink box with the logo written on it, but Paris is its homeland and every time you go to this city you must make a stop at Ladurèe’s. The best store is in the rue des champs elysées, whose location is insane. When you come in it you feel like you were at the princess’ palace, with all walls painted, gold finishes and old mirrors around you. It isn’t a normal bakery or bar, it’s a place where you feel happy as soon as you open the light green door. About the food, every kind of tea or macaron is really good but I would like to suggest you a list of delicious things I fell in love with, something you might love.


vanilla tea

chocolate macarons

vanilla macarons

rose macarons

hazelnut macarons

classic croissant


One time Audrey Hepburn said Tiffany was the place which immediately calmed her and my conclusion is that Ladurèe my “Tiffany”. 

Shopping of luxurious brands

Paris, in addition to being the “City of Love”, is one of the most famous cities in the world for the fashion industry and haute couture. Coco Chanel was French, Christian Louboutin was born in Paris and Dior as well. As you already know, these are just a few of the infinite list of brands whose headquarters is in the French territory. In that stores there is a vaste range of pieces and products of every shade of colour and shape you can’t buy anywhere else. Hermès is huge, Louis Vuitton is always insanely crowded and in a lot of occasions there is a queue out from the store. 

So if you are planning on spending a complete afternoon in Parisian shopping, make sure you make a stop at Louboutin, Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès.


A walk down Rue Crémieux

This is the street made for girls and guys who love taking pictures. It is definitely dedicated to all photographers who need new locations with different backgrounds for their daily shots. Some of you could think this is Burano Island, in Italy, because of the colourful houses which make the street look like a rainbow, but it is in Paris. You are having a walk down white classic Parisian boulevards when you turn and find Venice. This is art, there is no doubt about that.

The windows doors are of the same colour of my jeans and the walls pink, green, blue and orange. I still don’t know if the houses’ owners are happy to see dozens of people taking photos in front of their homes every day, but it’s difficult to don’t do it. Therefore the majority of the photos (with the coloured background) you can see in this blogpost is taken there.

So, fashion bloggers and photograpers from all over the world, whether you are professionals or you just want to post a photo in Instagram, go there, you’ll never regret it. 

"Paris is always a good idea"

– Audrey Hepburn

Eat a crepe at Champs Elysees

Eat a nutella crêpe with strawberries next to the big wheel at Champs Elysees is something we all should do in our life, in particular when it’s freezing cold and you have been walking for hours. You just have to buy a crêpe prepared in the moment, sit on a park bench and enjoy your day.

Dream at Guerlain's

Guerlain has always been one of my favourite perfumes brands but when I discovered the best store in Paris (rue des Champs-Elysees) I basically fell in love with it. It’s like the place of every girl’s dream, the one which isn’t even real. When you come in there’s the lipsticks corner, of every possible shade of colour, and the rest of the store is principally dedicated to fragrances in general. Every single bottle of perfume is placed in an unique and elegant way which allows you to mistake them for jewels. The ceiling is covered by gold baloons and there are mirrors absolutely everywhere you turn away.

All these details make this place so beautiful and at the first floor is situated the department I prefer the most. There you can choose between I don’t know how many different smells and bottles of perfume. Basically you can costumise your fragrance as you like and I think it’s so smart!

So if you’re walking down the streets of Paris, please remind Guerlain.

Shop the look

I hope I’ve helped and inspired you in some way.

Do you know any other thing to do or place to visit in Paris? Write it in the comments!