How fashion has become art


… and how to style it



Fashion. Probably if you already know the true meaning of this word is because of the sleepless nights spent with popcorns in your hands watching “The devil wears Prada”  and Miranda Priestly’s strict monologues about the deep concept there’s behind these seven letters. But if you recognise yourself in the three previous lines, sorry, you can’t define you a “fashion expert” yet. In recent years the word “fashion” has earned many adjectives like creative, colourful, in some occasions also rebels, and wearing a simple piece doesn’t mean just wearing something randomly anymore. Every single skirt, shoe, bag and coat which is within the haute couture is perfectly thought and drawn.
If we say “I don’t like it” is because we can only see the final result of a long manufacture period. It’s like a film. Behind a single scene there are hours and hours of work and tests of the sound, lights, pitch, amendments, beyond a passionate and hopeful guy’s camera who wonders to become an Hollywood star one day. And just like movies, fashion is an authentic form of art which requires a crisp model to be shown. A dress worn by a strong alternative famous girl sends messages which are as creative and positive as the dress she’s wearing. For this reason art and fashion are strictly connected by actress and actors who became an icon of  trends, beauty and cinema at the same time.

Rainbow shoes

Even if temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, black is always one of our favourite colour to style. Try focusing on details and accessories: show your most colourful pair of earrings or necklace and you’ll se the change. 

A pair of shoes of every shade of the rainbow could make the difference so don’t be afraid to wear something too coloured. Sometimes the most elegant and at the same time funny outfit is made by styling a beautiful simple monochrome dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals or flat espadrillas. In this way every item you’ll decide to wear will set off your shoes. You have to think of them like a precious artwork, a sort of masterpiece you extol at every step. For example, a white dress with a short skirt is perfectly combinable with Dolcce & Gabbana ‘s sandals, which immediately valorize the whole look.


However here you can find some options which will give to your outfit a bit of originality:

The bag is everything

You know, when you have to go out and you don’t feel like doing it. You have no idea what to wear and you end up spending two hours thinking “I have nothing to wear” and staring into space in front of the wardrobe . This happens too many times and we all know that. The only suggestion I give is to leave the house with one of the most simple and easy outfits you could ever imagine but to carry a “jewel bag”. You can wear a pajama but if you keep with you a beautiful little purse, better if coloured, you’ll be safe. 

Luxurious brands in particular made some little pieces of art which catch the eye every time we see them in a store or worn by a stranger walking down the street. The most famous ones are by Louis Vuitton, Bulgari and, my love Dolce & Gabbana. Here you can find some options:



High level brands

Lower level brands

Rely on a classic cut

Details are important but you don’t have to focus just on them. For the rest of the outfit you should consider the classic cuts which are ALWAYS fashionable. Rely on elegant jackets and trousers and then give a touch of colour with the accessories. This is the trick, nothing else. For this outfit I opted for a really standard black coat combined with my Furla, which made it look prettier. Even with a pair of jeans, or in genaral denim trousers, a classic coat saves you, I assure you. You’ll look more elegant in everyone’s eyes and your outfit will be tidier and stylish.

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And you, how would you style the masterpieces of fashion?