All you need is a flower

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… which will make your house a home



We all have to admit homemade things are always made better than the others which are not. This brand is a masterpiece of the homemade world which will transform a simple online purchase in the best purchase you’ve ever made. The highlight of the collection is the particular kind of flower and all little roses which colour and make every wallart unique. If you hang a Mapano creation on a clean empty wall it will be literally transformed. And remind every piece is one of a kind so are such as masterpieces which only you own.
But if you’re looking for a gift for a little girl you can be sure you’ll find the perfect one of this brand. Give to her a colourful hadband and she will be the happiest girl in the world. The  items I’m talking about are totally avaiable on, a great platform where to find this brand besides all others. I love this site but I honestly think Mapano is on the top-ten list of brands which sell their own creations on (and I know a lot of them). So believe me you’ll never regret your purchase buying on Mapano.  


Build your own design

Every piece is unique and no one has the same item you buy (you can be sure). Every single homemade creation by Mapano is is one of a kind. But the even interesting fact is that every costumer can build his own design as he likes and ask to create a new personalised piece which the brand will make on purpose for him following his preferences. In doing so you’ll receive directly at home the best purchase you could ever make online. 


To design your own bag you can choose:

Kind of item



Material and/or colour of different parts


Mix and match

The speciality of this brand are basically the flowers so the whole collection is focused on them. My favourite pieces are absolutely the garlans and pictures which everyone falls in love with. Anyway there are lots of different options you can choose between so there’s the perfect one for everybody. In my opinion the most awsome are the pictures whose style is inspired by the scandinavian one. They are basically coloured with classic shades and realised with really minimal details. The perfect way to arrange them is to hang them in groups in an empty wall. Let me clarify. If you place a single picture in a wall the result will be great but increasing the number of them the final work will be better and better comparing with the initial one. Try mixing different shades of the same colour in the same wall. If you like red arrange the pieces whose details are of warm undertones (like mine you can see in the picture below) and add some white or brown pictures with orange and red details to match the other ones. On the other hand, if you prefer basic shades like black or white accompany them with light pink or blue pictures. And trust me, the more the merrier. 

Always change

As I said before, I love garlans. They make all rooms more comfortable and personalised and I’m telling you mine is so nice. I love placing it next to my plants, it matches so beautifully. I don’t hang them all the time, I rather like changing the location frequently to see in how many ways I can arrange it. I suggest you to do the same!

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