Capture the moment

Memories last forever


I’ve just been to Stockholm with my squad composed  by amazing and crazy girls who helped make a normal  vacation a great and memorable vacation. We tested all kinds of food you could ever imagine and then the following day ran (I don’t know how many kilometers) just because we felt sorry for ourselves. I hope this is absolutely normal in the female world but I’m not so sure. By the way, between the races we tried to capture the perfect pics in the most amazing places all over Stockholm with three different cameras plus our iPhones. Result? 76358977 shots probably also exactly the same. Needless to say the memory card of my phone is full obiviously and our Instagram  

feeds are clogged. But I think anyone feels the need to capture the moment nowdays. A photo of the favourite singer during a concert, the food he’s about to eat and the craziest things he sees walking down a new city. It’s cool but we should all remember to literally enjoy the moment. Anyway, in this post I would like to explain and suggest you how to take pictures and, more specifically, with which cameras depending on which moments and situations. Everything I used during this holiday is my phone, my reflex, an Olympus and a Polaroid because I’m sure there’s the perfect shot for the perfect camera. But at the same time remind to enjoy and not just capture the moment.


The Polaroid

The principal subject is people, so all my shots taken with a Polaroid portray me and my friends. Indeed there’s nothing better that a moment we can remember with a printed photo. Find the perfect location, better if the background is colored. In my opinion the best places where to take nice shots are the vintage ones. Try picking an alternative and colorful room or the moment you are enjoying te most. This is the trick.



The Reflex

We all know how famous is this camera. And that’s because of its ability to manage colors and shapes, perfect to portray landscapes or people. I usually use it for my blog or to take pics I’m going to print, frame and then hang in my room. This camera isn’t the most comfortable to bring with you but the quality of the photos is nice. So if you own a blog or a Instagram feed you aim to improve, I suggest you to buy a Reflex.

The Olympus

This one is doubtless the handiest camera you could ever find. Photos are great and the saturation as well, and I suggest to use it in sunny days or in light environments. My favourite subjects are principally people and landscapes so if you travel a lot and you’re looking for a new camera, this is perfect. The only negative side of the Olympus is that it isn’t capable of managing settings which are poor of lights and, for example, I don’t recommend you to bring with you this camera if you go out at night. The Olympus is a nice option in place of the reflex and it works beautifully for your Instagram feed as well.

The iPhone

Our iPhone is becoming the tool we use the most to take photos instantly. It’s easy, quick and the quality of the images is nice enough to share them immediately after some editing using specific apps. I’m sure like me, you love taking pics with your iPhone because one second later you can post them on Instagram and share them with friends. Basically there’s nothing you can’t photograph with your phone but I usually keep it to immortalize fun moments or great food. After I shoot something I usually edit the photo with VSCOcam or Photoshop so in this way they’re ready to be posted. Anyway if you want to see all my best photos, check my Instagram!

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That’s all I have for you and keep taking photos enjoying the moment!