Tour guide for a girly holiday in Stockholm

Shut up and taste a Kanelbulle

Tips for an unforgettable holiday


I’m sure there’s the perfect city for everyone. San Francisco, New York City, Boston, all great cities which I personally love. But there’s another one which I can say is my favourite one in Europe: Stockholm. One of those cities you can actually feel home even if you’re not. As soon as possible in fact I’ve taken my friends there for a 5-days vacation during which we ate, walked, ate, laughed, ate, had fun and ate again. Normal things.
Once I came home I realised I had spent a beautiful holiday with them so I decided to pick all the prettiest and funnest places we visited and where we had a meal in Stockholm and then to show them to you. The following list contents 5 original and unforgettable places you must include in your schedule if you’re planning to fly to this Scandinavian city. I’ve been there so many times and these destinations are absolutely a must for me every time I visit the city!

1. A picnic in Djurgården

When my friends and I went there the sun was shining in the sky so it was such a hot day, which was perfect to have a walk along the pathways of the park. The best thing to do here is absolutely a picnic, so remember to buy some food on your way to the park. The only thing you mustn’t buy yet are the kanelbullar (typical Swedish delight with cinnamon) because you’re gonna taste the best one right in the park. There’s an area in particular called Rosendalsvägen where most people have a picnic or just seat in the greenhouse to taste the best kanelbulle bought in the little stand in front of it. 

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 2. Greta’s

Imagine the most beautiful place you’ve always dreamt, paint it pink, multiply it by infinity and add a little more perfection: now you have Greta’s. This is honestly the best cafe where to have a girl chat and taste a vanilla macaroon reading a Vogue. In fact (I’m not kidding) there’s a fashion photo book on basically every corner of the main table of the place. Basically a dream.

3. Hard Rock Cafe

I know, I know, this is not one of those places which you can call “original” but trust me, it is really worth a visit. I didn’t know the Had Rock Cafe in Stockholm was so big. I went to several ones in the past all over the world but I have to say I didn’t expect that in such a not-so-big city there was a quite big one. It is perfect as last stop of a whole day spent walking nonstop.

4. Take photos at the public library

I’ve discovered this amazing place totally by chance, while I was exploring this part of the city. The public library of Stockholm is really close to the Hard Rock Cafe, so as you might understand I’ve come across it the same time of the library. The building is a huge cylinder, a kind of circular enormous room whose walls are full of books of every language and topic you can imagine. The best fact about it is that the outside of the library is really basic, while once you walk in there you are amazed.

5. Gröna Lund

This is probably the funnest thing to do in Stockholm and also the perfect one to do with friends. I think I’ve never had so much fun. The Gröna Lund is a funfair, full of roller coasters and other attractions which makes your day better. It’s not so big because is basically in the city centre but if you want to have a great time and spend a fun day with your friends, this is the right place. By the way I have to add that the Gröna Lund is also so photogenic (when you are there you feel like in a film) and if you love to take photos go there, you won’t regret.

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