Tricks for a better Instagram

Take, edit, publish

photography: Alberto Mezzo

location: Malta



We all love Instagram and nowadays it’s a sort of diary where everyone shares their favourite moments spent with friends and family or which many people use as a real portfolio. If you follow me on Instagram (@ele_withlove) you already know I’m a huge fan of this social and I personally think it’s one of the nicest inventions of recent years. I don’t use it just to post photos but I principally consider Instagram a huge tool to use when you need inspiration, to discover new places and people.

Honestly I’m really glad people has started getting interested in the world of photography because of it. As a consequence, a lot of Instagram feeds are masterpieces, photos are more than professional and shots are reposted by 10000 people all over the world. And not to mention new jobs were born because of Instagram, from the fashion bloggers to the influencers. Now a lot of people have the chance to find a job directly online, start working at home or, in the case of photographers and influencers, never stop booking flight tickets with every kind of destination, and be paid to post even only a single photo. Anyways, since I’ve mentioned Instagram’s becoming quite fundamental in our lives, here you will find not only some tips which will help you have a better Instagram gallery but also some new ways to treat it like a real diary not just publishing photos. As always I hope you like this post and link your Instagram feeds in the comments so I can take a look at them!

Rely on a preview

Ok, probably some of you think this is weird but trust me, this is really helpful. If you are one of those people who really take care of their Instagram account, you’re gonna find this trick interesting. It’s always difficult to organise the photos on the Instagram feed when you want it to be clean and to look like a real collection of awesome photos. You have to order them by colour, subject, etcetera. This is why I always post my photos on another account before to post publicly on my official account. In this way I can always know what picture to post day by day. You just have to create a private account for it and use it as your real one to see a little preview, like it was the “behind the scenes” of your official Instagram. Believe me or not but this is sooo helpful. 





Build your own style

This is probably the hardest thing to do on Instagram. Build our own style isn’t so easy, we have to decide the filter, the brightness and the subject of our photos. And not to mention when we are sure we’ve found the perfect style after hours and hours of long research, we come across a stranger’s gallery and we realise his filter is better than ours. So, to avoid this issue, I’ll mention some of the best apps which may help you improve your shots.


Adobe Photoshop Express



Save your next destinations

You know when you’re scrolling the homepage up and you come across a beautiful photo taken in a cute cafe in the centre of Paris or on the top of a skyscraper you had never seen before? If you understand this, save it and set it as your new goal. Pick all your favourite photos of cafes, shops, items and put them together by city where they’re located or kind of shop. For example, you can create one collection for every city you like or pick all your favourite photos of restaurants and bring them together in a single collection. 

And, if you love fashion, create your own wishlist with your collections, each one called by the name of the item, for example “bags”, “shoes”, “swimwear”, and so on. In this way everything will be tidy and so much easier to find things.


Your Instagram is a magazine

This is my motto. In fact the trick is to take a magazine (I suggest Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar) and flip through it. Your target is to be a sort of editor, to transform your Instagram feed in an actual magazine, with every photo related to the other. If you have a blog, you can be sure this motto is so helpful too.


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