New journey, new adventures, new photos

 My trips, my diary

styling: Eleonora Mezzo

photography: Alberto Mezzo

location: Malta

Throughout this year I’ve travelled a lot and every place I’ve been to has always been worth it. I love to remember all trips and adventures I go through and this blog permits me to share them with a lot of people. America, Asia, Europe, no matter where I go, this will always be my travel diary. In particular I’ve recently been to Malta and I couldn’t wait to post some photos I took there either on Instagram (@ele_withlove) or on this blog. Anyway, if you’re looking for a great destination which you can reach to spend a fun weekend with your friends or to just relax and sunbathing at the poolside, I can suggest you to bear in mind Malta. The days I spent there were so hot, perfect for a swim so why not to go there? 

I have to admit the weather in Malta was quite hot so it was impossible not to show off all tops I had saved for summer throughout the year. My usual destinations are not tropical ones indeed I was so glad to give a chance to my crop tops and floaty dresses which were collecting dust in the deepest corners of my wardrobe.





So yes, basically with the first step in the Malta territory I’ve said bye to warm clothes and long sleeves tops. 

But let me say that, despite I love sweaters and hoodies, sometimes it’s good to give space to tank tops and denim shorts, at least for one month every year. I repeat, AT LEAST.

But just like I said once about photos (view the post here), a new journey means new experiences and new experiences mean new memories to remember and to tell. A trip is a chance to discover new cultures and new lifestyles. If I am studying in Sweden now and not in Italy anymore, is only because of a plane which took me from Milan to Stockholm two years ago and started the journey during which I fell in love with the Swedish lifestyle. This is the reason why nobody should ever be afraid to travel or to explore new worlds and people, because truth is all these things could become part of your daily life one day.

By the way, even if probably you’re never gonna move, or you already love the country you live in, do not esitate to buy a new flight ticket. Ever.

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