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I’ve just started the school here in Sweden and I could not be happier. I receive thousands of texts from my Italian friends asking about the food, weather and the school system and every time I answer not saying everything is better here but that I personally prefer everything here. And yes, I’m Italian and I don’t miss Italian food. Ops. By the the way the reason why I’m here to talk about the Swedish lifestyle is also because I want to disprove what Italian people usually think about this country.

Firstly, Sweden is, of course, colder than Italy but not so much to wear mountain equipment every time you have to get on a plane with destination Stockholm, because you’re not about to climb Mount Everest. Secondly, Italian food is great but this doesn’t mean everywhere else it sucks, so trust me, you’re gonna love Swedish meatballs and Kanelbulle. Last, but not least, I can confirm Swedish guys, despite what a lot of Swedish girls say, are better than in Italy.

Sweatshirts & hoodies

Everybody loves sweatshirts in Sweden and we can clearly understand why. They are a must-have to survive the cold winters in the country so go and buy them! The fact I only have hoodies and sweaters in my wardrobe is not a secret, so I already apologise if I only post photos of me in huge-oversize-XXXXXXL sweatshirts in the future. Anyway, if you are like me, I suggest you to take a look at every piece below from my selection.


I couldn’t talk about every piece without mentioning the shoes. If you are as lazy as me, and in particular if you don’t like doing sports, as soon as you go to a boarding school in Sweden you’ll realize you need to improve your ‘fitness routine and behaviours’, and as a conseguence you’re gonna need more sneakers (which is not bad, I know). But the hard side is that then you have to use them, and it is not always easy, at least not for me. Anyway, what you need to know is that sports in Sweden are very important and if the majority of the Swedish population is more trained than the Italian one, which makes you feel lazy at the beginning but then you have the reason that keeps you motivated.


If you have a walk in Stockholm you can immediately find out what the Swedish style is and that another absolute must have here in Sweden is the bootcut jeans, since basically every singe girl owns at least a pair of them. Here I selected some of my favourite.


I think anyone of you knows Sweden is really famous for its interior design and, of course, IKEA. Here the Scandinavian style makes every bar, shop and hotel a beautiful scenario, so cozy that you can really feel at home wherever you are, from a normal cafe to the airport! The minimal style is becoming more and more popular all over the world and Instagram is full of pictures of that kind of houses. So here you can find a selection of every piece of furniture you need in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you like!

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