What fashion really is

You are unique

All photos by Eleonora Mezzo


Since 1867, when the first fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar was published, celebrities’  and designer’s ideas have become more and more known all over the world through magazines and media.

Everyone has their own opinion about a certain topic indeed and we’ve always tried to find a way to share these ideas with others. While in the past the ways used to spread an idea were principally in an oral or written form such as propaganda, nowadays digital media have taken control by replacing most of printed instruments of media like magazines and newspapers.

Just one photo in an ad is enough to make sure that people will buy a product and since the sellers change their designs everyday cyclically, the buyer will buy more and more in order to keep up with the newest fashion trends. For this reason fashion trends become predictable because most of the designers create new items by getting inspiration by people’s behaviours to make sure they will like and buy them.

Media and magazines are the tools which are used by most industries to promote a new product or idea and fashion represents one of the most discussed topics on the internet. Many fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, have started including some articles which cover news and they usually contain a part which consists of an interview with a celebrity or a person whose ideas deserve to be shared with the readers. Indeed, fashion isn’t only the process of making and selling clothes but all within, including ads which can either be on TV or a social network which aim at influencing people’s behaviour through photos and videos. A lot of girls in particular follow celebs on social networks who appear perfect in every photo they post, which have a negative effect on younger people. This phenomenon is the origin of many cases of anorexia, which encourages the audience to aim at having the perfect body and life. Many teen girls start being affected by the ideal of perfection and seeing faults in themselves without the ability to stop.

Indeed, fashion is first of all a form of art which sometimes can promote an ideal of perfection which nobody can reach. It usually benefits from models’ visuals as fashion’s reputation but it’s important to remember that ours is what really counts and that the best weapon we can use is our own style. Nobody can change it and even if there will always be new trends, style is what really describes and defines us. It has got the power of showing people who we are, our personality and taste and not who we want to impress.

And lastly, as Yves Saint Laurent said one time, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.

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Related imageTo Melissa, Alice, Johanna, Biying and Siri, thank you all for helping me and posing in the photos xx