Zaful: is it worth it?

How I found Zaful

It’s always really hard to find good swimwear without spending much online. Usually, when I have to buy a bikini or a swimsuit I rely on websites like or, where I’m sure I can find exactly what I’m looking for and, more importantly, the quality I’m looking for. However, this time I decided to try a new brand which is becoming more and more popular among fashion influencers. I’m pretty sure lots of you know the brand called Zaful already from sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook. Months ago I came across one of these photos of swimwear which I initially ignored.
I used to see that brand everywhere of social media and I soon started finding photos and an endless amount of Youtube videos titled “Zaful haul”. All of this got me really curious about the topic so I went online and searched for the Zaful website. The range of swimsuits and bikinis was no doubt pretty and colorful but the only aspect I was concerned about was the low price. As a matter of fact, we all know online websites can often be a little disappointing but since I had seen a lot of videos on Youtube concerning this brand, I decided to give it a shot and order two bikinis.

Positive aspects

In general, I have to say I’m really satisfied with the purchase. When I unboxed the bikinis I was sooo happy because they were much better than expected. Firstly, the size is perfect, so don’t worry about the fact that there’s only size S, M, and L, because they are really flattering and both the top and the bottom of the two bikinis fit perfectly. When I ordered them I was afraid the sizing would have been an issue because I usually order size S but, since the reviews on the website said the bikinis were smaller than normal sizes, I ordered an M. Once I tried them on I realized they were perfect so I can only suggest to buy a size that is bigger than your usual one.

Secondly, the quality is way above my expectations. Even if the two pieces are extremely affordable, the fabric and seam are great. I LOVE the two bikinis and I can’t wait to wear them!

Negative aspects

Honestly I can’t say much negative about the purchase, but there’s just one thing I have to mention: the shipping. The only issue related to the website is the amount of time which took to the box to get to my home in Italy. The shipping time written on the website said “10 days” but instead, it took 3 weeks to get to the final destination! Of course, if the shipping time doesn’t bother you, go ahead and buy all you can of but remember that your order could arrive some weeks after you pay.

Also, the shipping method could change depending on the country you live in, so probably if you live outside Europe the shipping time could be less.


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