Why everyone should visit Bali at least once in their life



Article by Eleonora Mezzo
Photos by Eleonora Mezzo Alberto Mezzo

In the past few weeks I was been able to travel a lot and to take lots of photos to add to my photo gallery. Even though I have already posted some photos of this vacation on my Instagram, I was really looking forward to showing the rest on this blog. Also, my brother Alberto Mezzo helped me find the best spots in Bali to photograph and if you want to see more shots taken in other destinations, I suggest you look at his Instagram.

Anyways, before getting on my plane from Singapore to Bali, I already had an idea of what the island looked like in my mind. I thought Bali was the typical destination for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the sun, spas and the beach. Once I got there, I found out what Bali is really like. As a matter of fact, the island is much more than just beaches and spas. Throughout my stay there I was able to discover the real Bali and in the end, I realized it was even better than I thought. Finally, in this post I want to list down all the reasons why everyone should visit the island at least once in their life.



I’m sure that anyone who has been to Bali can agree with me. Everyone is genuinely kind on the island. People working at the hotel, waiters, taxi drivers, EVERYONE is extremely kind. Even the hotel security. I travel a lot but I have to say that I had never been to a place with such nice people before. Also, the fact that I wasn’t expecting people’s kindness to be my favourite aspect of Bali made me love the island even more and made me want to come back there again as soon as I can.


After this trip, I can confirm Balinese food is now on my favourite foods list. My favourite dish is no doubt the “Nasi Goreng”, consisting of fried rice mixed with vegetables and with chicken, egg, lamb and other amazing ingredients on the side. In general, I like every other dish which contained seafood, such as shrimps. Also, Balinese food is not just extremely tasty and exquisite but also cheap. One night I went out for dinner with my family (four people in total) to an average restaurant and, once we asked for the bill, we found out that we only spent an amount equal to €36 for the whole meal. I think this explains my love for Balinese food.

Even if the food is really cheap, I need to say that the ingredients were also fresh since I’ve never got sick because of the food.


Whether you like sandy relaxing beaches or surfing, you’ll find the perfect spot for you in Bali. The range of beaches is so wide. On the island, you can find both beaches which look like the Maldives and others that just look like the ones in Malibu all year around. Although August isn’t considered the surf season, I was able to see many people surfing amazing waves at various beaches. In general, all the spots by the ocean are so pretty and photogenic and if you can’t surf you can easily ask to have a private lesson to one of the surfing courses they offer at basically every beach in Bali.


Before travelling to Bali I thought that the destination would have been really touristy and I was only expecting an island full of spas and beaches. Indeed, Bali is obviously known for its breathtaking landscapes and views but once I got there I realized Bali is much more than just a touristic destination. The island is full of history and traditions, offering typical temples which are still used nowadays in the best locations you could ever imagine. On the whole, I can say that Bali has a really clear identity, with traditions and typical buildings which make the island much more interesting than lots of other destinations all over the world.