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Writing a post about how to have a better skin and feel more comfortable with it has been on my to-do list for months, although I’ve never done it. For this reason, I’m glad I can finally speak about this topic and show you a website called Abiby.it which I’m sure you will all like as much as I do. Through this website, you can get monthly a beauty box full of the newest high-quality products for your skincare and makeup. Interested? Then keep reading! The Italian website is completely dedicated to brands which are difficult to find in Italy and offers them with major discounts. Since I’ve already gotten the newest beauty box, I’m going to share with you the first impressions and some tips which will help you improve your skincare routine. Speaking of skincare, I decided to open up about what lots of people have and desperately want to overcome: acne. Up to this moment, I had never felt completely thrilled by the idea of writing an article about this topic, since I have always felt uncomfortable and insecure about it. However, since how to stop acne by improving the skincare routine concerns a lot of people, I realized it would have been useful to a lot of you.




My skin has always been a weakness for me and unfortunately, a lot of girls can relate. I’ve tried every dermatologist and most times none of the products they suggested me actually solved the problem. Although they worked in the beginning by showing small results, they didn’t show the results they promised me. As for many girls, foundation was – is – still my best friend. On the whole, I’ve always felt insecure about my skin but since I’m not the only one on the planet with this problem, I believe we shouldn’t care too much about it (after all it’s an issue almost every ordinary teenager has to overcome). In order to do so, here are some tips and habits which will immediately make your skin better.


Go for brands specified in skincare

As much as I love Lush and The Body Shop, I’m perfectly aware that I won’t fight acne with their products. On the other hand, brands such as Dermatologica and Dr Botanicals are what you need in order to overcome acne. Their products are the result of research and development which allowed them to find the perfect combination of ingredients which help to stop acne. Dermatologica, for example, involves the work of professionals at The International Dermal Institute, which assures all of us reliable products.


The less, the merrier

For good skin you don’t need hundreds of soaps and boxes of moisturizers. All you need is a bunch of valid products to use every day as a routine.


Chocolate is okay, but not every day

Some people love candy and some, including me, prefer chocolate. Although the kind of food we eat is not the first factor to make our skin worse, keeping up with a healthy diet generally helps. Anyways, a little treat sometimes doesn’t hurt anyone.

Winter is coming, gotta drink some more

The cold season is coming and I remember that last year my skin was so dry that I had to apply moisturizer at least four times a day. Not fun. In order not to repeat this inconvenience, I would suggest to all of you to drink more water. This is probably the most important rule, especially if you live in a country where it’s not that hot during winter (e.g. Sweden).


Routine is key

You may buy the best products and the most expensive moisturizers, but if you don’t apply them regularly, forget about the results. Having a daily skincare routine is half the work you need to have a good skin, which lots of people struggling with acne still don’t know. Try to repeat your skincare routine at least twice a day and save Sundays for relaxing face masks.


Avoid products from makeup store

If you need a soft moisturizer or a face mask to use at a sleepover, go ahead. But if you actually need something stronger which will give you results, give up brands like Sephora and start relying on pharmacies. And yes, they probably won’t look as cute and pretty as the ones at the makeup store, but I swear they are worth it.


As I said before, I myself don’t feel confident in my own skin sometimes. Feeling as pretty as other girls who have perfect skin and perfect body is hard, especially if you live in Sweden, where literally every girl who passes you by on the street could walk on the runway at the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Anyway, even though accepting my skin condition is hard, it doesn’t mean I stop trying. Luckily I’m constantly surrounded by friends who make me happy every day so we’ve all learnt that giving one another compliments really make us feel better.

Also, remember that if you think you’ll be happy with yourself only the day you wake up, look in the mirror and see a Gigi Hadid, forget it. That does not mean you are happy with yourself but happy in someone else’s skin. As a matter of fact, Gigi is Gigi and You is You. Beauty does not only consist of a face which could appear on a Vogue cover. By saying this, I believe each one of us has the right to do their face masks and makeup but without having the excessive fear of not looking like our favourite influencer on Instagram.

And remember, as Audrey would say, happy girls are the prettiest.

Order the next Abiby beauty box

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