A weekend getaway is just what you need


Location: Edinburgh and Turin
Photos by: friends and co.


In the last few months, I had the opportunity to travel, even if for just a few days, to beautiful cities with my friends. Despite the destination, going away for just a weekend is the best gift you can make for yourself. I live in a boarding school and, as much as I love my house here, leaving for the weekend is pretty much necessary to survive. Going on a trip for two days allows you to stop thinking about all on your schedule, letting all the stress go away. Leaving places, people and surroundings where you usually spend your time helps to find inspiration and personally makes me feel more motivated for school.

Indeed, I am very grateful for having the possibility to travel quite often and to get to spend time with friends who I do not see every day. For instance, I recently flew to Edinburgh to visit my friend at the university there and I just had the best time of our life.

Anyways, I decided to share the best photos I took on these trips and to tell you a little bit about why a weekend getaway is what you need, focusing on all the benefits it can bring. Below I listed down some of my tips for the weekend planning and some suggestions to make this process easier.



Travelling is usually expensive and finding cheap flights on the dates you are planning your trip can be difficult. Although the chances to find the flight ticket you want are very low, finding airlines which offer a range of affordable tickets for a weekend vacation is much easier than booking a whole 2-months-long holiday. However, keep in mind that the most popular destinations are also more difficult to travel to for less money.


Usually, I would say the more people you invite the merrier, but not in this case. If you are travelling during the weekend to relax and get away from all the work, you probably do not want to spend your weekend trying to please everyone on where to eat, stay or do. For this reason, I would not recommend travelling with more than three people.



Having a weekend available for a trip means that your time is limited and that you will probably not have enough time to see all you have planned. As a consequence, do not choose to go to a big city you already know from the beginning that you will not be able to see completely in two days. Avoid cities like Milan or London if you have never been there before. The time you have available in the city is simply not enough, leading you to be in a hurry throughout the whole weekend to see everything on the guide. In order to prevent so, smaller cities are the best destinations for a weekend getaway. In the last few months, I actually flew to two of my most recommended destinations for a weekend off. Firstly, I went to Edinburgh for three days. The city was beautiful and the amount of time I had was perfect for the trip I had planned with my friend. As for Edinburgh, I then went back home to Italy with another friend and had (again) so much fun. Turin is perfect for a two-days-long vacation, highly recommended! If you want to see more of the city, you can take a look at the post Turin Archives.


It is really simple: just don’t. Of course, you will need to know where to stay for the night but don’t spend much time planning. The weekend will go really fast so just have fun and enjoy your time away from work. Try to walk around the city looking for random things to do, without following a clear plan.



Yes. After all, a weekend getaway is just what you need.

Just one more thing...

Before booking any flight or typing “hotels in…” on Google, keep in mind that a weekend away is still quite hard to plan. Although you are going away for a few days, you still have work to do (unfortunately) so my best advice is to bring your laptop on the plane, bus or wherever possible not to waste a second of your time. I am usually really focused on a flight and I can say that all my best essays have been written in a plane seat.